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What is the Stock Market? And how does the Stock Market work? | Beginners Guide | 2020

Have you ever wondered how the stock market actually works? This video is a beginner's guide to learning how the stock market works and how stocks and shares are bought and sold in very simple terms. If you want a concise in a nutshell explanation on how the stock market works - watch this video as I run through the basic concepts of how the stock market works. If there are other subject areas when it comes to learning about the stock market - please comment in the comments section and I will try and get a video explanation on how any part of the stock market or investing works.IPO's or initial public offerings are an interesting component of the stock market and I quickly explain the basics of how this concept works. I have been trading the stock markets for the past 20 years and have experience in trading the US Stock Markets and UK Stock Markets predominantly. The basic concepts of how the stock market works and how to learn to trade effectively once learned can be applied to nearly all the stock markets and exchanges around the world. I am looking to help mentor any new traders who are looking to learn the art of trading the markets; for more information please click here

. .If you are new to investing and trading the stock markets - please feel free to apply for my mentorship programme. I am all into helping and teaching new and budding investors and traders!

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