• Shahn Khan

Actively vs. Passively Managed Funds

Investments are all about increasing wealth. When you're looking to invest, one of the best places to look is a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund (ETF). These funds allow you to put your money into a diversified investment that can include a variety of stocks, bonds, and other assets. But before you click the buy button, it's important to understand the difference between actively managed funds and passively managed funds.

The best way to judge the performance of a fund is to compare it to its benchmark index.

An actively managed fund is a fund that's managed by a professional investment team. The team typically picks stocks or other assets in line with the fund's goals.

The end goal of an actively managed fund is to beat the market. As explained the fund management team picks individual investments, and if all goes according to plan, the fund will outperform when compared to its category and benchmark index.

Being able to tailor the investing experience to more specific goals is one benefit of active investing also when you're willing to pay more for potentially higher returns. actively managed Portfolio constructed based on research, analyst inputs.

Passive management, on the other hand, stands on solid theoretical grounds, has enormous empirical support, and works very well for investors. The investment follows an index or uses another strategy where the fund manager is not regularly churning through different investments on your behalf.

Passive management when applied to a client's entire portfolio is really asset class investing. This means investing literally in asset classes via passive portfolios that capture.

Passively managed funds typically outperform actively managed funds.

Passively managed funds typically charge less than actively managed funds.

When passively managed funds follow the index closely while more than 80% of actively managed funds underperform the index, it's clearly a better call to invest in a passive fund.

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